How to Get More Buyers From Your Free Digital Magazine w/ Erin Loman Jeck

August 23, 2021 Michelle Lewis - Visibility Vixen® Season 4 Episode 18
How to Get More Buyers From Your Free Digital Magazine w/ Erin Loman Jeck
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Has having a free digital magazine ever crossed your mind?

It can result in a  steady stream of buyers + revenue into other aspects of your business.  So what does it take to get started? 

In this episode, we're chatting with Erin Loman Jeck, an effective speaker who knows how to transform audiences from a psychological perspective. 

We're going over:

  • Becoming a Speaking Coach
  • Erin's Traffic + Income Generators
  • Running a Magazine
  • The Future of Erin's Business 
  • + more!

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The woman got on there and she was like, have a magazine. And I was like, Okay, so I'm running the Zoom Room over here, open this computer Canva magazine layout. That's all I know, like, you know, it didn't need it to be perfect. This was the first one. And it's not perfect. I have some spelling errors in here. But guess what it's done. And it got me over 400 opt ins The first time I launched it.
Are you ready to get your brand seen worldwide, ready to learn the exact strategies that have made millionaires want to know the secret software's I use to save time, energy and keep things running and profitable with the minimal team. It's all here on my show, the visible entrepreneur. I'm your host, Michelle Lewis, founder of visibility vixen, after hitting the top of the charts in France, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, the visible entrepreneur is back for season four with some of the biggest names in the business. I'm asking them to spill detailed information about what's made them so successful, specifically, their traffic and income generators. That way you can take notes, study the strategy that will work best for you, and see success in your own lead and revenue generation. We're all about honesty here. And I'll never stop working to get you the support you need and pushing you to give back to the planet. After all, entrepreneurs are changing the world. Welcome back to the visible entrepreneur. Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the visible entrepreneur I'm excited about today, because this is a friend of mine who I actually watched online for years. And then all of a sudden, I saw her posts that she was in quarterly in Idaho, and I was like, kind of stalking a bit. Hey, Erin, I'm in Coeur d'Alene, too, and we met in person, and it's just been Kismet since then. So Aaron loman. JACK, welcome to the show.
Thank you. No, it's an honor. And it's it's fun. Because, you know, I think we all kind of like, are stocking one another and seeing what we're all doing and, and following things. And, and so then when you get to meet in real in real life, it's like oh my gosh, I feel like I already know you.
I know we had such a blast that first day it was like catching up with an old friend. Even though you were new. It was such a strange thing. But so incredible. And what I really admired about you is that you have such power and energy like listening to you for an hour was like, I don't even know like reading 10 books or something. It was really an incredible experience for me. And so I wanted to bring you into the visible entrepreneur audience because we're always looking to learn, always looking to grow and you have that like ingenuity and scrappiness, and you just don't stop. And so I think that's going to inspire a lot of our listeners today.
Well, you know, you think about how you're raised how you're coming up. You're like all these you know, a lot of tough things as a child, dad died when I was 10. My mom got malignant melanoma and since two years to live when I was 15. Like, I think when everything shut down, and everyone's like, Oh, we don't want to do what do we do? What do we do? I was like, oh, oh, I see opportunity here. I see the opportunity here. But I think it really does come from what how you see the world because when everything else is in chaos, that's it's like smooth sailing for me. When everything else is going good for everyone else. It's when everything falls apart for me. And so I think that just having that as my background really helped me become like you said scrappy, resilient, you just become so resourceful, because you just do whatever it takes to make it happen.
There's a lot to be said for that. And I think that there's kind of a misnomer in the industry that there's that a lot of people just have smooth sailing, and everything's great and everything's perfect. It's because they're not showing the truth about what's going on. You know, everyone has a struggle. And I think if you're an online entrepreneur, you created that business because of the struggle you went through in most cases. So I want to dig into that a little bit. How did you get started with your business?
Yeah, you know, it's never a straight line. I, my dream job was to be a dolphin trainer. And so I went down to the Florida Keys was a dolphin trainer. And while I was down there, they said you don't need a marine biology degree. And I was like, thank goodness because science math, I was like this is getting overwhelming. And so when they said I could have a psych degree or a teaching degree, I was like, I love people. And I love to know what motivates people how how people change, and shift and grow. And all of those things. And I was like I'm in so I went back to school finished my undergrad in psychology. When is my Master's in marriage and family therapy and really thought that I was going to be a therapist, I could help people I wanted to change the world and I thought that would be a really great way to do so. But about 10 credits shy and in my clinicals I was like I'm an empath and all those people dumping their deepest darkest stuff and leaving it my office, they're feeling great when they leave. But here I am stuck in that. Hour after hour after hour. I was like I don't think I can do this and A lot of people just come into therapy to complain, but not change. And I am so results driven. I was like, I can't do this, if you're gonna keep coming, and not take advice to not do the new thing, and we implemented not to take action. I just couldn't do it. And so that's what I kind of was like, you know, what, if I become a coach, before the coaching industry blew up, and everyone was a coach, at least as the coach, people are coming to me for something, to change, to grow to get better. And so I was like, Alright, that's what I'm gonna do. And I started as a business coach, and for many years was doing that until I was driving to world's greatest speaking. And I heard the big booming voice they get in your lane. And the way that I see things are just downloaded, like my whole life flashed in front of me, every time I've been on stage, every time I've used my voice for other people, and for change all this stuff. And I was like, I guess I have been training to be a speaking coach for a lot of years. And I just didn't know it. And that's why I was so good on stage. And people kept saying, I see what you're doing, how do you do what you're doing? See you everywhere, I want to be like you and I'm like, What am I doing? I don't know. That's why I went and hired those people so that I can figure out all the secrets to speaking. And then I saw it through my psychology lens, about how to really transform audiences, and get them high on their own supply of neuro chemicals was like what I love to say, and it was it's I took off since then, and he never looked back, you know, it was one of those I always know, in my business, when everything comes to a halt and income stops coming. There's a time to pivot, something's off, something's not quite in alignment. And so I got to figure out that what that is really quickly so that I line back up, and then we keep going again. And so it's never a straight line. And I think as we just get better and better at these things, you just get more and more skills, and you know, taking my business coaching and how to monetize things, and then taking your message and making sure you can monetize your message to sustain the message and change the world. I'm all about that.
And I think that's it's really interesting what you said about pivoting because a lot of people feel stagnation, or their income declines or whatever happens. And they feel stuck, and they feel like a failure, and that it's time to just give up. So I really love that you just go pay something needs to change. It's not personal. If I could have learned that when I first started this business, wow, I would have really sped up. So if you're listening, it's not personal. It never is, even when you get you know, it's gonna happen. betrayal by someone in the business, you know, whatever, whatever, whatever. It's never personal. And if you can pivot and just keep moving forward. Oh, boy, let's save you a lot of time. So let's transition Aaron and let's talk a little bit now about your current traffic and income generators break that down for us.
Yeah, so I have 22 streams of income based, amazing. And, you know, sometimes I'm like, man, when I when my team is all working, it's so much easier, because then I have, you know, I say here's a new idea, here's how to monetize it, go and they implement, it's really helpful. But I will say like, I have come up with so many ways that I can get paid based on my message. And I think that's where a lot of times we're like, well, it's only one thing, you can only do it this way. But if you really think about all the different ways. The thing for me is when I get on a sales call, if this was a sales call between you and I give you two options, I wouldn't give you a yes or no, I'd say okay, which which one makes sense for you, you know, the more expensive one on one or the group coaching or things like that. And it really has changed the way my sales I get, I almost have 100% conversions a lot of times because there's always something and if that's not it, let me down tell you even more. But there's, if you have enough assets and you build up enough assets, you really can plug and play and say to this person, it's an individualized program. It's really not you're getting a piece of this and a piece of that. And it's all when you have an automated in kajabi like you use as well I use kajabi and it's really easy to use like grant offer grant offer offer and then everybody's handled right and so that's really the biggest thing building a lot of assets that you can repurpose, and everything that you do think of all the other ways you can make money in my summit I monetized I the most up sales that anyone's ever seen in the summit, because every day I was telling people that they needed to upgrade Why are you not in the Zoom Room with us you need to upgrade come be with us the connections you'd make the networking, the even just communication inside the chat rooms, right and doing all these things that we're really building a tribe and I was like you want to be a part of this. All you have to do is upgrade and so our upgrades were like out of the box like 60% upgrades every single day. And that's unheard of. But I think it's also just the way that I just tell people what they mean. Like, if these are the things you're struggling with, why not pay the $97 an upgrade, right to me it's a no brainer, but most people won't say it because they're so afraid of what how will be perceived. I don't want to be salesy or pushy But if I know that I have the solution to your problem, if I'm not pushy, you're not gonna change, you're not gonna take the action. So I know that I need to do that. And so I have a magazine like during COVID, I started a digital magazine. And what I love about this is a it gets me in the doors, if I want to interview some of the top names in the world, like, here we go. If you do this, and this is a, this is one of my affiliates, right. So this is one of the things I'm affiliate for. If I go in here, my good friend Debbie a Dahlia has a podcast course, it's also has a link in there that is, is an affiliate code. So really, truly, this becomes a walking brochure for me, I write in there, I come up my own upcoming events are in here, I have brands that seek me out that I get commission sales on everything in here is monetized. And you get like, I can use these in my retreats, swag bags, I can use these when I do real events, I can literally hand them to people who's concerned about their own magazine. And I will say it took me three, three issues to put myself on the front. The front of a magazine, I can have ad space, I can do so many things, right. And so this then because it's digital and prints, the digital version, when I go out and I send it out and everyone who contributed gets a shout out, they get to share it, they get one sense of them and they take a picture, I'm in a magazine, right? Then my I will tell you the opt in rates for that is one of the top things I have over eating and my making 10k from any stage, this converts better. And so I didn't realize when someone I was literally helping somebody with Leah Woodford, I was helping her with her event online. And the woman got on there. And she was like, have a magazine. And I was like, Okay, so I'm running the Zoom Room over here, open this computer Canva magazine layout, that's all I know, like, you know, it didn't need it to be perfect. This was the first one. And it's not perfect. I have some spelling errors in here. But guess what it's done. And they got me over 400 opt ins The first time I launched it. So like, that's a big deal. When you think about your conversion rates everywhere else. And I just love that I can also if I wanted to do an event, I could say hey, quarterly resort, I'd love to have you featured in my magazine, how about give me a discount. So I used to be in my magazine the entire year, give me a discount to a room, you know, for me to do my event, right. And then if you go to other people's events, you can be pressed and cover it in your magazine. Now you can get a ticket to go for free to events. Hello, hello.
This is why I was so excited to talk about this with you. Because when you're breaking this down when we were having coffee, I thought this is so brilliant, because it isn't just digital. It's also print, I love how you're monetizing it. I love how it's it's your lead magnet, right? That's what's getting you all of these opt in. So tell us a little bit about what that process looks like now for you now that you have the publication. Are you actively like organic or paid advertisement to it? How is all that happening? And how are you supplying the fresh material every
it's every month, isn't it? Now I'm moving it to quarterly just because I'm getting a little better. You know, and you have 22 streams of income. And this is just one of them. You can get stuck there. But what I what the first thing I did was one of the people who was taking one of my my course is to become a speaking coach certified speaking coach. She was like, you know, I'm really not liking this career coaching thing. And she's like, but I love you know what you've been doing? I love playing on Canva I love playing with layouts, I love playing with them. And she's an editor and I was like, uh, would you like to be the editor in chief of my magazine? And she's like, yes. And I was like, you can keep the the advertising that you sell. That could be your cash flow. And she's, she gets it all, she puts it up together. She does all the layout stuff for me. So I don't have to, we have submissions, we ask people to submit when I meet people that I think are amazing, like you I'm like, hey, I'd love to have you be a contributor, my magazine. And so I asked people for, you know, their content. You know, one of the things is for advertising. Like we'll say, Michelle, you had an upcoming event. And you knew we could get this out so that we have a 200,000 person reach in this right now. And so just know that you can get in front of those people with an ad is really you know, it's a hot commodity for a lot of people. So, you know, I do think that I don't have I don't do pay like people pay it for the first time. I'll tell you I let people just advertise for a while for free because I'm like, let's get get some traction. Let's get some people I wanted to build up the readership so that then I can monetize it because you're like, on zero. I don't have a reach. I have 10 people that might read it. But would you pay me to be in my 10 person reach max All right. So I took the first five issues and just let it run for free. So anybody that contributed, they could also contribute an ad. And it had to be in a certain format and all that stuff. And then Leslie would just upload it and put it in. So, you know, the ways that you could do this is there's just so many things. And like I said, you go to your affiliates, you're like, hey, Michelle, I like to affiliate your program, let me put it in my magazine, right. And now we have a 5050 split, you're not doing anything, and you're just getting free leads out of it. Right. So I think that when you have, it's always thinking outside the box, I just don't know how to think inside the box, I think. And so that's why I can always find the opportunities and things. And you know, the woman that did tell me to do this magazine, she said, Oh, I have two ways that you can monetize, you can do ads. And you could do um, what was the other thing and and I can't remember anyway, and I was like, I found like, for watch this. guy's got all these ideas on how to monetization and stuff is like my jam. So it really was a you know it, I took it to a whole new level with that as well.
I think that it's just the coolest idea in the world, more ways that you can monetize the better. So that's fantastic. So you have people writing and contributing on a variety of topics, I'm assuming business women,
yeah, the Women's Professional Success Magazine. And so I wanted to because I do have corporate audience and entrepreneur audience, I wanted to be able to have something that both sides both went and both sides of that coin, the women can really be heard. And one of the things that I did was a June's episode, last or June's issue last year. I made it, you know, only voices of color. And I said, the only thing I wrote in here was just the foreword that my my, you know, to make sure that we have a diverse readership, as well as a diverse contributor ship, that was my goal. And so you know, that that was really, it was one way for me to use my own platform to give others have voice. And I think when you get to this level, it's not just about you anymore. It's about how can I do that for the people around me? How can I do that for my tribe as well? How can I make a difference and so when you have the opportunity, because it's your own, you can do whatever you want. And so you can use that to really lift other voices up and, and so yeah, I just love having people contribute. I have a form you fill out, you can even download the magazine and go to the site and download it, just look at it and get an idea. But I accept all all different, you know, backgrounds. I, I try not the one of the things is is that I'm like, Yes, men can write as long as they have a women based audience. But I really just want to make it more for women. And it's not to segregate men. But you know what, ladies, I'm tired of the old boys club. I'm tired of the boys club on stages. I want more women on stages. I'm tired of seeing dudes everywhere. sausage fest. Why are women more women were women. And that was this is one of the ways I can do that is by lifting up their voices and giving them a place to get it out there. Awesome. So give that website so they can check out this magazine. Yeah, so if you go the wing women movement magazine, you will calm you will be able to download and subscribe to the magazine. It's free eventually, you know, if I wanted this another way to monetize it, it could be $1.99 a month or whatever, you know, just like a magazine subscription. But I really just wanted to be able to use the platform. So you can go in there, check it out. And if you're still interested in that, you'll you'll see that on the second page, Leslie puts in there, how you can be a contributor as well. And there's a form to fill out. And all you have to do is submit an article, and we will put you in one of the next issues.
Fantastic. So this is an exciting opportunity to get a little bit of publicity if you're listening. And I want you to download this so that you can observe this new way of bringing in traffic and income. It's really ingenious. It's something that I don't think anyone else is doing really. So this is really exciting. And be sure to if this seems like a great idea to you screenshot the episode tag Aaron and I on Instagram stories, let us know we want to keep an eye on your progress. Let us know if you've submitted to be a contributor. How exciting, right? So Aaron, what's on the horizon for you? what's coming up next? What do you work on working on with those 22 streams going
on? Yeah, one of the things I'll say that is really worked during the pivot of all the stuff that's happened in the last year and a half and knowing with the Delta variant, what's going on and things everyone's getting scared again and lockdowns are happening again, and all of that I really went to virtual retreats. And I will say I've been doing virtual retreats now for the last year, and I convert them into a $20,000 mastermind. And what I will say is in the retreat, you know, I'm really like, I don't just do a retreat where it's like, oh, I'm just gonna have a lot of people talk to you or I I'm going to talk to you the whole time it is get your stuff done. Most people want that guys. And I'll tell you, my retreats are 2497 $2,497 people are not flinching at spending that. And we all think, Oh, well, when I had in person events, they were like 397 or 697 if you had VIP, but now I'm charging 2497. And it's completely virtual for three days. And people are loving it and feeling like they get so much done. And so if you have a pro program product that you can help people get stuff done right then in there, you know, my girlfriend has a retreat that helps you put magazines together names Leo Woodford, I'd be happy to share that with you. But really, truly, she's doing that too, because she realized how much how well it's done for me. And I don't have to leave home, you know, I have two kids, I don't have to leave home. If I can do my events from here, you know, I have a big screen TV, I can shift it around, I can then do it over there we can, you know, you get these things to really happen. And I will tell you people are loving it. So you know, if you aren't doing online events you need to be because it is the hottest thing. And what I did was after we did two hybrid event, well, two virtual events one was kind of hybrid because we have the speakers in the room. But from that event, those two events, I got all the recordings, everything from sponsorship to, to how to get butts in seats to how do you set up your registrations, like what you would need to do to even think about having an event. And I put it in a course I had behind kajabi the epic events experience course because I know that now is this isn't going anywhere virtual is not going anywhere. And even if we get back to live events, they're still going to be a hybrid, because I just with the reach you get. I've spoken in 29 new countries in the last, you know year and a half that I would have never had access to. I was in Liberia this last week talking like this woman's like I live in Liberia, and she's like, in this hut talking to me on her computer on zoom. Like what? Like I want a global message virtualise Global message. And so I don't think it's going anywhere. Tony Robbins would have spent $9 million on building a studio if it was going anywhere. He knows he can get some.
Yeah, exactly. Oh, so incredible. So you're doing the virtual events? That's a really smart idea. And so how are you driving traffic to those?
Yeah, by doing master classes, or doing on clubhouse clubhouse has also been a huge, huge way for me to feel a master class. I could say, Okay, I'm going on this free master class. And you know, and I'll go on, I'll be on some stages, I have a lot of people I've, I've built relationships with that were mostly on my summit, even because we build these relationships. We know we sit on stages together, they have, you know, consistent stages every single week. And so we go in there, and we're sharing and then they're willing to be like, hey, Aaron, tell them about your retreat coming up, or your masterclass. And then they go and they sign up for my master class, I get on the master class, give them so much value that they're like, Yes, I got to come to the retreat. And it really has been working. And I just tried something new that I hadn't done before, which was a really strong, open cart, closed cart, email sequence, which was like building them up, giving them all this stuff, then giving them a lot of testimonials for my clients. And then opening the cart and I got, I have a 6000 person email list, I think I got 38 entries, 38 applications for people who want to come to the retreat, and I can only fit 20 to 25. Because I really do give feedback for everybody on their talk and their offer and all of that. So I can't have it too big. But I was like, Wow, that was a really good, you know, return on my investment to have somebody do that. So I'm even playing like I always love to I'm like, I'm always down to try something I'm like, and what the what the cool thing was, there are things that you don't think about, like the gentleman that wrote the emails for me, he really wants to get more into the American, you know, into the American market. And he's in Australia. So he's like, what about if, you know, he's like, it usually cost this I'm like, What if we do a back end split instead, you'll make more money, if it works, right? And he was like, let's do it. So he took 10% on the back end, which, if I would have paid him 3000 for the email sequence or whatever, he would have only gotten that I mean, done. But now he's getting 10% I think if all 38 of those people get accepted at 2497, that's like 80,000 100,000. Somewhere in there. He made so much more, right, much more. That's the idea. That's thinking outside the box. I said, you know what I'm gonna take, I'm gonna take a chance on you, but I want you to take a chance on me. Right, so let's do this together. And so it really went really well. And so now, I know his stuff works. And now he's like, great, because now I can just tell everybody about him and they can go, they go find him and they get to work with him. So it's a win win. And I think a lot of times when you're talking Talking about being scrappy, being resourceful. It's doing things like that. Let's partner on something. Let's try something out. Let's see how that works. And I really think that that's what's helped a lot of people stay afloat this year.
100% Wow. Okay, so for people that are like, loving what Aaron's putting down one of these stalking her, give them where to find you how to connect with you.
Yeah, all my social media is Aaron. Lomond jek. Er, I NLMANJ ec K, and find me on all the social media channels, like I said, club house, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, you name it, it's out there. And there's I have a lot of resources on my own webpage, Aaron loman, jack calm, you can find tons of resources on speaking, building a business around speaking building multiple streams of income, how to land a TED talk, all that stuff is in there. So and that's a lot of my free stuff, so that people can really get some some value in No, you know, I think that that's the one thing in this industry that's lacking is just the being willing to give it all away. And I'll say I did one summit, and I was helping the woman sell on the back end into her mastermind. And I give gifted my course my transformational speakers Academy. It's a 697 course. I gifted it to as many people that sent an email and said, I want it. And it was 175 people. But let me tell you the next month when I do the summit, those 175 people registered for my summit. Yeah, I bet they did. Right. So PE, you know, be gracious, give it away. If it doesn't take your time. Sometimes it's it's just good to do that. I mean, I give freely all the time. And I don't expect anything in return. I always know it will come back. And in ways I won't even imagine. But it's really just coming from that servant's heart and really helping the world and giving that value. Mm hmm.
While you're in this has been amazing. Thank you for giving everything so freely today. And giving people I think some really cool ideas. If you are leaving this episode, feeling inspired, be sure to let Aaron know, she's someone that I really appreciate having in my life, and I know that you will benefit from having her in your life as well. So thank you, Aaron. Any last words of wisdom before we wrap up the episode,
Michelle's the real deal here guys, like she's not gonna tell you this. And so I'm gonna I'm gonna blast her right now with gratitude and appreciation rampages of appreciation. She really cares about all of you, she cares about how you succeed, she's always watching she wants when she says tag us, it's because she wants to know that it's made a difference for you. Because that's why we do what we do. And so just know you have a solid, like the most I have so much respect and so much trust in her. You know, I've even we both said, Wait a minute we met, we're like, let me get grant you access to my stuff. Let me grant you access to my stuff. Because we just know that we have that servant's heart, and we just care. And that we can be better partners and be able to be better promotional partners when we know everything that that person has going on, because we're like, oh, we sell it for them. So if you haven't joined her community and the things that she's doing, please do so. Because you're not going to be disappointed. It's totally worth it. she pours her heart and soul into it. And I know she's got vaults and vaults of information. So don't hesitate to do that. And the last thing I would say for the world is the world's crying out for your message. It's time to be out there doing it. If you are not getting out on stages, if you're not creating your own events, you're not getting on clubhouse, you're not out speaking every single day, where you can give back, you're doing the world a disservice. And I know there's days like the right now my life in my personal life is kind of in shambles right now. But it still doesn't take away I still show up. I still serve because I know that that's what the world needs. Because it's not about me. And the things you're going through the tough things are not for they're not for you after you get through them. They're for the world to know. And so it's for you to share that. So don't hesitate, please get out there share your message. The world is waiting.
She's a strong wind, isn't she? I'm grateful for her. Thank you for those beautiful words. You know, for those of you out there, I'm just feeling called to say if you've gone through the wringer in this online business, if you've had a really hard time with the connections you've made, we've all dealt with it before. I just want to tell you there is definitely hope you will find those people who are authentic and kind and sincere. I found that in Aaron and a couple other people in the industry. And so don't give up. Keep looking keep connecting. And in the meantime, Aaron, I appreciate you. I'm sending you lots of love. And thanks for being here on the visible entrepreneur today. You I hope you love this episode as much as I did. Now we're all about building a tribe here as the visible entrepreneur, so be sure to subscribe, leave a five star review and then head on over to the Facebook group. It's a great place where you can practice your video, live stream and really enjoy the community that we have built. In the meantime, I'll see you in the next episode. Now get out there and get more visible. All right.