How To Build A Value Ladder That Brings In Sales Easily

August 16, 2021 Michelle Lewis - Visibility Vixen® Season 4 Episode 17
How To Build A Value Ladder That Brings In Sales Easily
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A value ladder is the journey you take your ideal client on. 

As they go up the ladder, so do the cost of your services. This can range from a freebie, all the way to your highest-costing offer!

So what should your value ladder look like in order to generate the most sales possible?

Tune in, because in this episode, we're going over:

  • The Value Ladder as a Customer Journey
  • Freebies
  • Low-ticket Offers
  • Medium Offers
  • High-ticket Offers
  • + more!

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Hey there, and
welcome back to the visible entrepreneur. Today we're gonna be talking about creating a high converting value ladder. We've touched on this before in a couple of episodes, but I really wanted to dive deep into it today because chances are, we're in quarter four, if you can believe it, Time Is Flying by and chances are you're wanting to relook at your value ladder, your value stack and figure out if it's congruent to where you want to go, especially next year 2022. It is encroaching upon us. And we want to make sure that things feel good, smooth and alignment. I don't know about you, but the last year for me, has been about pretty much burning everything to the ground and rebuilding, I've wanted to make a very different structure of how I progress people through my customer journey. And if you're in a similar spot, if you're feeling a little stagnant, or you're feeling like you know what things just aren't really making sense. This might be a really helpful episode for you or even a friend so feel free to share it if you have a biz bestie, who you think can benefit from this wisdom. And the meantime, we're about to dive into today's episode. Are you ready to get your brand seen worldwide, ready to learn the exact strategies that have made millionaires want to know the secret software's I use to save time, energy and keep things running and profitable with the minimal team. It's all here on my show, the visible entrepreneur, I'm your host, Michelle Lewis, founder of visibility vixen, after hitting the top of the charts in France, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, the visible entrepreneur is back for season four with some of the biggest names in the business. I'm asking them to spill detailed information about what made them so successful, specifically, their traffic and income generators. That way you can take notes, study the strategy that will work best for you, and see success in your own lead and revenue generation. We're all about honesty here and I'll never stop working to get you the support you need and pushing you to give back to the planet. After all, entrepreneurs are changing the world. Welcome back to the visible entrepreneur.
Okay, so let's talk value ladders. What is it? in my estimation, it's the journey you take your ideal client on right you take them through different levels of being a either freebie owner subscriber all the way up to a paid client. And that can be low ticket, medium, high ticket, whatever your specific journey is, all of us are different, right? I have people who are parenting coaches who are real estate experts who are releasing courses and one on one coaching for grieving mothers. It's just all over the map, right? So this works for everyone, you just need to be sure to customize it to your business specifically. So for me, the reason why I struggled with this is because I had so many different courses slash membership slash offers that were kind of all over the map. So I couldn't really write them out from A to Z in one solid line. And hey, you may have a business that's a little different we had Chelsea Kenny on on a few episodes ago, and she said, That's not the way my business works. It's like a buffet table. And if that's true for you, that's totally fine. For me, I'm just teaching based on my experience. I wanted someone to be able to come into visibility vixen, and just go right up the rungs of the ladder and have it make sense. This is one of the reasons why I pulled the publicity offers out of visibility vixen, and put them into the publicity place made much more sense for me just where where I was at with my business. So if you're in a similar spot, the way that you need to take people through is free to low to medium to high, right? Pretty obvious. But let's break that down. If you're going to offer something free, the first thing that I recommend is that you don't have too many freebies. A lot of freebies worked five years ago, it really did. But right now it can be a little bit confusing, and I can actually turn someone off from buying from you. There are some people out there like Katya talked about in an episode a few episodes ago, where she doesn't have freebies anymore. It just starts at her low ticket, you can do that to wherever you want to start someone. Be sure that you put enough attention into it where you can really help them understand the immediate value of becoming a customer. So for example, for me the main two freebies that I have, so I've had to downscale some other ones are the color quiz and the color class. Right? Both of those pretty clear what they do. And those are designed to take people right in to my color class, which is my lower cost offer, right? So you can imagine once someone opts in and let's say they take the quiz or in an email sequence, it's immediately upselling them into the course it's just Trying to get people in, get their email address, and then turn them into a lead, right turn them into a customer. So you want to be sure to put the effort in making your OPT in page more like a sales page. Now we teach this in the visibility lounge, making sure the thank you page immediately tries to get them to become a customer, making sure the email sequence is story based getting them to open those emails to become a customer, right? That's the lowest tier of our value ladder, and we need to pay it the attention that it deserves. The second part is going to be a medium cost offer pretty obvious, but whatever you have, that's lower medium cost, it really just depends on you put that in there so that it's very clear after they opt in that they can buy this, maybe they can buy it at a discount, whatever. And it's it can be a variety of things like before. For me, it used to be the podcast pitch kit, which was $27. Now that's over in the publicity plays, we've actually raised the price to 47. A lot of people ask me, what price should we be looking at. And what I like to do is write up the value ladder, because obviously, if your highest offering is 100 bucks, then your lowest offering is going to be probably between, you know seven to $27. If your highest offering is 1000 or 2000, then you may want to up the price of your low cost offer, right you want to be sure that people that are buying it have a little bit more money to spend. So you know that down the line, they can spend 1k 2k here makes sense. And so when it comes to your low cost offer, what you're trying to get here is volume, right podcast pitch, get very, very clear what it is, and you want vines people there, so they can funnel up to the medium slash high cost offer. So if you're thinking, Okay, well, what would that be in my sequence? A good example would be, let's say a one on one coach. And let's say the one on one coach wants to up their prices for doing one on one. So they're going to put in a medium offer, that's going to be a course, it's a great idea, right? encapsulate some of your wisdom, put it in a course, it's less maintenance, because the goal here is to get them from subscriber right free opt in to low cost offering into medium, which in this case would be the course. So it can be a course it can be a membership, it can be a lower cost package, templates, meditations, whatever it is that you want. But the goal here is to have it be on that Ascension journey. So again, using the example of wanting your highest offer to be, let's say, $500, let's say your low ticket is $9, then maybe this course is going to be somewhere in the middle 197, something like that, right? If you charge a lot more, maybe you charge 5k for your one on one, well, then you're gonna want your course to probably be something like 597 to 999, something like that. These are just rough estimates, you need to make that final decision. But that's just some of the stuff that I've kind of look through and how I've priced my materials. Make sense. Okay, so we've gone over your freebie, your low ticket offer your medium offer. Now we're at the high offer. So this is usually more of an escalation of services, this can be done for you, this can be coaching, this can be your higher tiered mastermind program, whatever it is in your value ladder.
This is going to be the big kahuna. This is what you're really hoping to get people into, it's going to be less volume, but it will be more predictable, the more traffic and your visibility plan you're putting to get people into your OPT in slash low cost. Hope I'm making sense I know I'm saying a lot of stuff. So if you have questions, screenshot the episode, tag, man Instagram stories, ask the question, that's what I'm here for. Right? You can also join the free Facebook group, the visible entrepreneur asked me there, I'm here to help you. And if you're going well, no, I just want in depth coaching on this, then join the visibility lounge program that will break it down for you step by step. So in my case, we go from free opt in, we go to the color course. Then we go to the visibility lounge program, right. And then for me, the higher ticket would be a lounge VIP where people who join the visibility launch program can add a one on one coaching package. And that's recurring every month where we have voxer access ongoing and they get one call per month with me. So like I said, this can be in a variety of different ways you can shape this however you want. That's the cool thing about being an online entrepreneur, right? You can create whatever you want. Don't feel bound by just following what other people are doing online, make this work for you and your business. sit down and write this out. If you can't write it out on a sheet of paper, your value ladder than something is wrong, right. If you can't draw an ascending arrow, then you may want to look at things again and go okay, how can I simplify this because what's great If you have all of this in place, right, I have all the email sequences and sales pages and everything in place. So all I have to do is get traffic into my opt ins. That's it, right? The rest auto populates itself. And that's the beauty of doing a business model in this fashion. So that's the clarity I have for you today, I'm not going to go too much further in depth, because I know that it can feel really confusing. The thing that I will tell you is that what you do need to sit down and hash out are your different automations. Right, making sure that this makes sense for you, in terms of the different things you'll need to do to tag and email sequences and that kind of stuff. So if you're curious what system I use, you probably already know this, but it is kajabi. You can find my link at visibility, you'll see tools at the top, click on that. And then you'll see my walkthrough of kajabi, you can use my link, because you'll get a free course if you do. But really important to have that stuff linked up because you do want it to be 100% hands free, so that all you have to worry about are the opt ins. So I really want to make sure to get that across because otherwise it can be a little bit terrifying. And I don't want you to be scared. But anyway, I think that that is the best wisdom that I can give you. So get out there, get your value ladder completed. Let me know how it goes. Feel free to tag me so that I can see and cheer you on. In the meantime, if you want to sign up for kajabi and kind of see how I do things, please do that. Otherwise, we're going to be having another episode coming up with an amazing guest. She's a friend of mine, her name is Aaron loman jack, we're gonna be talking about all kinds of things getting on stage, and especially her digital publication. So be sure to stay tuned, be sure to subscribe, if you're not already. And if you haven't yet, I'd really appreciate if you could leave a five star review that would mean a lot to me. Let me know what you like about the show. And if there's anything else you want to hear on the show, I review all of my reviews and I would love to be able to create episodes that are custom to what you want. So in the meantime, have a great week and get out there be more visible and I will see you know, I hope you love this episode as much as I did. Now we're all about building a tribe here as a visible entrepreneur, so be sure to subscribe, leave a five star review and then head on over to the Facebook group. It's a great place where you can practice your video, live stream and really enjoy the community that we have built. In the meantime, I'll see you in the next episode. Now get out there and get more visible