Mastering Clubhouse As A Traffic Funnel w/ Hayley Luckadoo

July 05, 2021 Michelle Lewis - Visibility Vixen® Season 4 Episode 13
Mastering Clubhouse As A Traffic Funnel w/ Hayley Luckadoo
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Clubhouse is the new, hot platform on the market right now! Why shouldn't you take advantage +  gain a steady stream of traffic from it?

This week, Hayley Luckadoo is joining me to  chat all about marketing tips + tricks to get you up and running on Clubhouse!

In this episode, we're going over:

  • Growing an Audience on Clubhouse
  • Clubhouse as the Top of your Funnel
  • Instagram Strategy
  • Marketing Trends
  • + more!

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And that's just not true if you have 100 followers on Tiktok, but it's not getting you anywhere, maybe, you know, try a new strategy or just decide to let that go go somewhere else. It's okay to not want to create content for every single platform. Are you ready to get your brand seen worldwide, ready to learn the exact strategies that have made millionaires want to know the secret software's I use to save time, energy and keep things running and profitable with the minimal team. It's all here on my show, the visible entrepreneur, I'm your host, Michelle Lewis, founder of visibility vixen, after hitting the top of the charts in France, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, the visible entrepreneur is back for season four with some of the biggest names in the business. I'm asking them to spill detailed information about what made them so successful, specifically, their traffic and income generators. That way you can take notes, study the strategy that will work best for you, and see success in your own lead and revenue generation. We're all about honesty here, and I'll never stop working to get you the support you need, and pushing you to give back to the planet. After all, entrepreneurs are changing the world. Welcome back to the visible entrepreneur. Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the visible entrepreneur, we have a fun episode for you today with my friend Haley lukka. Do so Haley, welcome to the show. Thank you so excited to be here. I'm excited to so we are continuing our battle of the blondes. I think I've had like six in a row on the show. I don't know what's happening. But it's exciting. So I think it's great. And I would love to introduce our audience to you. So give them a little breakdown about who you are what you do who you serve. Yes. So as she said, I'm Hayley lucky to do. And I actually started out as a wedding planner had a really crazy, you know, road into business, I think most of us kind of have a wild ride into entrepreneurship, I definitely have that did not plan on doing it got into wedding planning, and ultimately fell in love with business, fell in love with marketing, fell in love with social media, and opened a second company three years into running my wedding planning company kind of did both for a while that second company was kind of started out as a virtual assistant business transformed over the years into digital marketing. And so now I'm about seven years in to entrepreneurship. I'm a marketing coach. So I primarily work with female entrepreneurs, and I help them really nail down their sales and their marketing strategies and make sure that those two things are working together. And that they're booking clients, the right clients at the right price, and actually getting themselves out there getting people in the door and raising that revenue. So that's what I do. I'm also a motivational speaker, and I host the meals on fire, which Michelle has been on. So it is just a fun ride of kind of dabbling in lots of different things. I think that's the fun of entrepreneurship. And I love it so much. That's for sure. I feel like whatever plan you have coming into this is the complete opposite four to five years down the road. And you're like, what was I thinking back then? Why did it just do that then, but it's all about that transformation and that discovery? So I'd love to hear now, what does your business consist of? What are the different tiers of what you offer? Yeah, so as a marketing coach, I have my high ticket coaching program, that's kind of my main, you know, funnel of clients, I actually also still run my company, luckily media where we do digital marketing services. So we help people with their Instagram, we help people with Pinterest, we do podcast editing. So we have a few like, you know, small monthly retainer packages for those clients as well. So that's kind of my second level, if you're, you know, not necessarily in a coaching, you just want somebody to do it for you, I send you over there, we do that. And then I have courses as well. So I have a couple, you know, like small ticket courses, couple $100 type of courses, where it's, you know, you go in and you learn and you do it yourself and you're not really getting like coaching. So those are kind of my my tiers of service. And then I also have a bunch of other streams of income from motivational speaking and podcast and affiliate income and all those types of things. So it's kind of cool because I get to make money a lot of different ways. I get to serve clients a lot of different ways. And so it's it's interesting to see that dynamic and it's fun. I love that what I always love is finding friends who have really tapped into their zona genius, and it's usually accidental. And I think when I first joined clubhouse, you were so supportive, and you were like, hey, come and speak in this room. And here's some other great rooms to join. And I'm like, okay, right, I don't really know anything about it. And I was able to watch Haley's clubhouse Club, which is also called females on fire, if you want to check it out, I was able to watch it grow, I was able to watch this new platform really explode. And Hayley was kind of on the helm of that growth and figuring it out and really did an amazing job coordinating that. So I wanted to highlight that for you, because chances are, especially if you're an Android user, clubhouse may be new to you. And you may be wondering, like, Hey, is this platform gonna last? Is it gonna burn out? What do I do? Or Okay, I'm here, and it's open on my phone. But I'm not sure how to use this as a source of growth in connection. So, Haley, I'd love for you to just kind of overview how you got involved in the platform where you saw that opportunity and how you started scaling it. Absolutely. Oh, my gosh, and thank you for that. I love clubhouse, I don't know, you know, in my opinion, I think it will stick around. I don't know if it will or it won't. But as long as it's here, I'm so along for this ride. For me, you know, I think we all know, as business owners, you know, running social media and trying to get into these things. We've all seen it happen a million times. The first users do the best, you know, those early adopters. They're the ones that really see a lot of growth. And I missed that train with Tick tock, I didn't get Tick tock, I couldn't get into it. I loved Instagram too much. I was hanging on Instagram. But I wasn't an early adopter of Instagram. And so I always I was always waiting, I was like, I want something to come along. That's gonna stick it out and be big enough that I can be an early adopter. And so the second I heard about clubhouse, I was like, Oh, this is I'm getting in on this. And you know, as a podcaster, I'm like, this is awesome. Because I love to talk, I love to teach people and, and get a chat with other people and all of that stuff. So clubhouse was perfect for me. And once I got into it, I started getting into a lot of rooms, and people were like, oh, run your own room, run your own room. And I was like, Okay, I'm just, I'm gonna host it under females on fire. And we'll just kind of talk about the things we talked about on the podcast. And it went really well. And after that first room, I was like, Okay, how do I funnel these people into other things? How do I make money off of this? Or how do I actually, you know, use this as leverage in my business. And so I immediately went put one of my lead magnets in my clubhouse bio, I made sure that my Instagram because clubhouse links to Instagram and Twitter, I made sure that my Instagram looked like, hey, you're in the right place like I am the person you found on clubhouse, come chat with me, here's where you should go, here's the link you should click on, I made sure all of that was really, really optimized. And once I did that, and once I started telling people in these rooms, hey, I have this offer, go check out this offer, you know, not like in a pushy way. But just in a every time we reset the room, I'm kind of like, also, if you're looking for this, check out the podcast, go check out this offer, I go check out whatever. Once I started doing that, I started seeing hundreds of people. Number one heading over to my Instagram, having conversations with me cultivating those relationships, which gets them into my courses, it gets them into my coaching program helps them refer me to other people, the right people. And number two, having them sign up for my email list through those lead magnets that were in my bio. And so there's kind of two different ways there that you can really get people into your funnels. But for me, it's been amazing. It's been massive, massive growth. And it's really cool to see because it happened so fast. But I love it. I love using clubhouse for that, because I think it's a really great you know, it's it's the top tier of the funnel for me the same way, your Instagram would be the same way Pinterest would be the same way your Facebook group would be. But for me clubhouse just feels easier because I'm talking to them directly already. And I'm saying hey, here's the link, go sign up. And they do it immediately. They're in that funnel, and I'm starting to nurture them and get them into the right program or the right service or, you know, the right, whatever. So it's been really cool. I hope you were listening to that because Haley said a couple of crucial things that I really want to make sure that you understand. And the first is you have to do something that's in alignment with your personality and your visibility plan. So first, Haley has the podcast, right that's her visibility vehicle. Then she has Instagram that's her social feed that feeds into her visibility. vehicle. So now she saw the opportunity to kind of blend both of those with clubhouse. And so now clubhouse is not only feeding her Instagram, but it's feeding her podcast. So it's very strategic. It's not like let me just hop into it and see what happens. She did hop into it, but then looked inside, how can I optimize this right? And she was able to put it into her value ladder. So now people are going into the opt in going into the courses going into the I think you said coaching program and then into the done for you services. So really important to pay attention to that. I'm not telling you from this episode, go jump on clubhouse, it may not be the right platform for you. But I am saying analyze what your strengths are for Haley, it was a no brainer. She already does a podcast or doing an audio platform made sense. Do what makes sense for you. And then you have the potential of seeing that kind of massive growth. So I think that that's amazing. Yeah, thank you. And I, I knew you were gonna jump on that visibility aspect. And I love that. And I thought of you when I was like, What would Michelle have me do here? But it's true, it's true. You've got to think about what works for your business. And for me clubhouse didn't make sense. I do think as a business owner, if you don't know what that platform is, you've got to have a test period, where you just play, right. I think as entrepreneurs, sometimes we're scared to get in and just play with something. We're really scared to just try something and then say, you know what, No, that wasn't for me, that didn't work. I'm gonna, I'm gonna let that one go. I think we feel like, we have to be all the places, right? We have to be on compounds, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, tick tock, doing a YouTube channel, doing a blog, doing a podcast, having a Facebook group, you know, all the things. And I probably forgot one, but and we burn ourselves out with this, like mediocre cross posted content. And we feel exhausted, we're not getting anywhere, because we're not targeting the right people. We're not putting out great content. And then we do all of this. And we go well, it's not working, why isn't Why isn't working. It's working for her on Instagram. And it's working for her him on LinkedIn. And you know, it's working for them, why isn't it working for me? And it's because we're burning ourselves out and stretching ourselves so thin. And if you would just take the time to play and figure out what are the the two of those that are going to work the best? What are the two of those that you should put all your efforts into? And that's not saying that I'm not on Pinterest, right? That's not saying that I'm not on LinkedIn. It's not saying that I don't give those some attention sometimes. But I sort of, you know, I'm like, Okay, what can I do on these platforms to set it and forget it, to pull other content, I already have to not waste my time here. Because this is not where my clients are. And that way I can put all my time, all my effort, all my strategy into the one or two places that are working, that are getting me clients, they are getting me the visibility and the press and, you know, connections and collaborations and all those things that I really want. I feel like we get in this mindset that okay, well, you know, I started here, and I've put out content here. And now I've maybe built a little bit of a following here. So now I've got to make this work. And that's just not true. If you have 100 followers on Tiktok, but it's not getting you anywhere, maybe, you know, try a new strategy or just decide to let that go go somewhere else. It's okay to not want to create content for every single platform, it's okay to feel like, you know, this isn't the right one for you, you've got to find the one that fits both in alignment with who you are the way you like to create content, the way you like to find your clients, and in alignment with your goals and your strategy and what your funnel looks like and what you're trying to get them into and where your clients are hanging out. Absolutely. And I think that that's so key, you can optimize your strategy, so that on certain platforms, you're not having to log in every day, you're not having to really worry about it. I think that's the beautiful thing if you can be strategic with visibility versus what a lot of people do, which is just waking up and panicking because they have to post to six different places and try to originate it in some personalities. That's totally fine. They wake up, they love coming up with fresh ideas and setting aside 30 to 45 minutes to put out that post me know. Like the only thing I can just do in the moment are maybe stories and reels. Aside from that, like it needs to be pre pre pre planned, like I don't have to worry about it. I just want to worry about engaging. So I think that that's great that you do something that it's fits in alignment with your personality type and it sounds like you and I are more planners and then we show up on the platforms that mean the most to us, which I love. Definitely, and I'm kind of a weird in between two so for those of you listening if you're like well, I've tried content batching I've tried planning. That doesn't work for me, but I get in the moment. I can't do it. I am that weird in between two Where I'm like, I have to plan it, you know, for my sanity, I have to plan it, I have to content that. But sometimes I'm in the moment where I'm like, I really want to post this, I want to write this. And so I've found, you know that having a content bank works really great for me. So the second I get those ideas, I just throw them into my content bank instead of going ahead and posting them. And then when I go to content batch, I'm just pulling from that day, and doing it that way. And so it works really well, because I'm still planning, I'm still batching. But I also have that space, where if something really cool comes up in the moment, I jot that down, you know, I keep that, you know, handy. So I can use it when I go to content that and that's a good way to do it. If you're kind of in that in between where you're like, well, I don't know what works for me, or I'm kind of in the middle. And I want to do both. So you've got to really get creative. And I think that's the thing is a lot of people are like, well, it's this way or this way, which one do you want? Well, there's always a middle ground, there's always a gray area in the middle, where you can say, Well, you know, I'm gonna pull from this, and I'm gonna pull from this, and I'm gonna do a little of what I've seen her to do, and a little of what I've seen him do, and then I'm gonna add my own little flair to it, because this is what I need. And that's what makes you unique. That's what makes you a good business owner, you found your very unique way of doing things. And that very unique way of doing things is exactly what's going to sell your clients on you. And you've got to remember that. Love it. Preach it. Amazing. Yes, so true. So, so true. And so let's chat a little bit now about Instagram, since that is one of your areas of genius. Tell us a little bit about what your strategies are, how you figure out what you're going to post what that schedule looks like, and then a little bit about stories and reels. Yeah, absolutely. So I, the thing I love about Instagram, the thing I love and hate about Instagram is that it's always changing. You know, we got igtv A while back, and we got stories. And now we have reels, and you've Instagram shopping, and there's just so many different aspects to Instagram. And so for me, I've really put a big focus on stories, I've put a big focus on reels. And I put a big focus on my dams. And I think sometimes a lot of people forget about that part. Because it's not front facing, right. We're worried about doing lives that we're worried about doing the reels and the posts and all those, they're not so worried about the DMS behind the scenes, but those DMS are where I get to really cultivate a relationship with somebody. So I love it. My DMS are always full, I always have unread messages that I have to go tap into. And I love it that way, especially coming from clubhouse. So it's awesome. So for me, I really focus on creating the front facing content in the form of reels in the form of stories, and then moving them into my dams to kind of cultivate not every time necessarily sometimes, you know, I just want them to click in my Lincoln bio and buy the thing, right. But sometimes, especially with like those coaching clients that I'm hoping to get, I want to move them into my DMS, cultivate that relationship a little bit, and basically sell them there on the things that I need them to buy, or the things I need them to sign up for some kind of treating Instagram, as its own little funnel. And I think you've got to think of it that way, with any social media platform, you've got to think, okay, I've got my big funnel, you know, whatever that looks like, whether it's getting them into a course or an affiliate offer or program or whatever. I've got my funnel. But now take your social media, that's that top of that funnel, and say, Okay, how do I make this its own funnel to lead into that second funnel, right? That's how you have to look at it. That's how you have to look at social media. And so for me, when it comes to posting content, like I already said, I pulled from that content bank, but I have so that gives me tons of really fresh ideas. I am looking a little bit just just enough at trends at kind of what my what direction my industry is going, what competitors may be doing stuff like that, because I do think you need to pay attention to that stuff. Don't get caught up in it, but pay attention to it. So that you make sure that you're also front facing to your clients. You're also kind of on trend you're doing what's fresh and new and relevant to them. I'm paying attention to what are the questions? What are the problems that my current clients are asking me that my current audience from the podcast or even just on Instagram itself, are asking questions about how can I now answer those pain points, all those problems with my content? And then I'm just thinking about my content pillars. What are my content pillars? What are those three to five things that I talked about? Right? So for me, that's marketing, I want to give you marketing advice. That's my thing. Motivation is one of them because I'm a motivational speaker and I really want to get booked for that. Right. So Figure out what are my content pillars? What are those genres of things that I consistently talk about and rotate through those with my content? So it's kind of a checklist in your head of Okay, I'm looking for content. Let me go to my content bank. Let me see my ideas. Okay, what's trending right now? What needs to be posted right now? what's relevant right now? Okay, I'm going to pull these, okay of these what solves a pain point or a question or something that I've been getting from my audience that will really help them that will benefit them right now, in this moment, Okay, I'm gonna pull these out of that, okay, now of these, what falls in line with a content pillar that I need to post that I haven't posted recently, or that I need to rotate through and bring back up, okay, I'm going to pull down to these, okay, what order makes sense to do these cool, boom, there's your content, you've narrowed that down to the one thing that needs to be posted right now, then you go post that. And then for me, that's moving them into my DMS that's getting them to share about it. And that's really cultivating that in the DMS to send them to my funnel. And so that's how I'm coming up with my content, for reals for stories. And I'm basically kind of treating it like, okay, the real is here to get you excited to teach you something, give you a kind of a quick win with the caption and the real and stuff. And then my stories are more, hey, come take a peek behind the scenes of that, let's dive a little deeper into that tip, let me show you how, you know, the bullet points of how this course is going to help you solve that problem. So it's, it's a tie in, it's all a tie in. And that's what I mean by thinking of it as a funnel in and of itself. So that was kind of a long, long description of how I do it. But I think when you do it that way, and like tweak it, obviously make it work for you and in your strategy. But when you're thinking of it as its own funnel, you'll come up with those steps you'll come up with, okay, this is what logically make sense for me to walk my audience through to get them into the funnel to become my clients. And that's what really makes it work and really helps you to actually see the results from social media instead of just likes or followers that aren't actually getting you anywhere. I've been quiet because I've been taking this in and going she really approaches this as an ecosystem, which I really like. So I don't know if you've a course specifically on this, maybe you do, maybe you don't I feel like you can name it either like Instagram intuition, or like Instagram ecosystem or something like that. And just make like a mini course. So there you go, sending you some love there. I think that that's so brilliant. I'm just sitting here going, that's really interesting, especially if you could have a specific plan that actually it's what you're saying of that story, from reels to stories to posting to DMS. I think that that's just absolutely incredible. And definitely one of your gifts. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I think Lily for me, I'm, I'm a logical person. And I know that right? I'm, I am creative. Don't get me wrong. But I am not the best if you're this way, awesome. Like I some days I wish I was you. But if you are a creative, and like you're always creative, you always have those like ideas and you're like, Oh, we can spin it and do it. That is not me at all. Like I am very logical. I'm very like, you know, okay, by the book, like, this is the way it's done, right. And so getting into business, that's what I saw, I saw courses, I saw ebooks, I saw freebies, of, hey, here's the strategy, do it this way. And I tried all of them. Like all of them, I was the person that if you showed me a Facebook ad, and I could get it for $9 or $27. I'm getting it, I'm getting it because it might help me, I probably spent 1000s of dollars on those little tiny offers that people were selling me. And none of them worked. I would pull one little piece from something. But overall, the strategies weren't working. And it's because that is a strategy that that person developed for them, or learn from somebody else that works specifically for them, their clients, their audience, their type of content, their schedule, their everything. And if you're not taking what you're learning, and that's not to say not to buy those offers, I have those offers, like go buy them, sometimes they work, but you got to take what you're learning and say, Okay, here's the part that works for me. Here's the one part of that, that I know will work for me. And of this one, here's the one part. Okay, how do I make these work together? How do I build my own strategy from the things that I've learned? And for me, all I knew to do, and I was like, Okay, I understand the concept of getting someone from point A to point B to point C, right? That's what I have to have them do. So posting content going. Okay, I hope they click the link in bio, that does not work for me, I need to know, where are they coming from? Where are they going. And so that was the only way I knew to think about it. And I actually built out my Instagram funnel before I built out, you know, a real funnel on my website. So that made so much more sense to me. And I think a lot of times, I see this with my clients, the people who are getting stuck, the people who are feeling like, well, I've tried every social media platform, and none of them actually get me clients, I can build a following, but none of them get me clients. Those are the people who are not thinking of it this way. And they need to beautifully said, So what are some of the marketing trends that you're seeing right now? Ah, well, we talked about clubhouse. I do think that's, I think it's super popular to be on clubhouse. I think that kind of real time content is really popular, regardless of the platform people wanted, you know, people are sick of seeing these picture perfect feeds, as you're looking put together all the time, and saying the same crap that everybody else is saying, right, like, people are looking for you to be so unique, so original, and so real with them. And so I was talking to a friend the other day, he's also a marketer. And we were talking about how it's so cool to see the industry shifting this way, where, you know, we have all these filters at our disposal, but people are choosing not to use them as much. And we have all these, you know, incredible, you know, presets and apps that all like airbrush, your face that that people are choosing not to use them as much. And I think it's kind of cool, because we're starting to get to see real people and their real personalities. And what really actually truly makes them unique. And that is where you can really find your people where you can really start to network where you can really start to find collaborations. So I think that's really cool. I do think collaborations are something that's still a huge marketing trend. Like, how can you bring somebody else into this mess with you? Right? So maybe on Instagram that's doing a live together? Maybe it's you know, getting on podcast the way we're doing right now? Maybe it's closing clubhouse rooms? Maybe it's doing some sponsor giveaway thing or something with somebody? Like, how can you bring other people into this, leverage their audience, help them leverage yours, you know, kind of make that connection, if there's one thing I know to be true of business, is that networking is everything, if that's the only business tip I'm allowed to give, is that networking is everything. And I didn't get that in the beginning. And now I'm like, okay, every chance I have, like, Let's go, I'm going to the conferences and getting on the podcast and reaching out to people on Instagram, I want to meet people, you know, even if it's just virtually, and that is going to be everything you need for your marketing. Because if you can get referrals, if you can get people saying, Hey, you know, I saw you post this on Instagram. And I don't know if you know, but there's such a better way to do it. Like you can try it this way. I mean, that's how you learn from people, right? You can buy their course all day long, but having those virtual friends who are kind of looking out for you, right, that that's what's gonna really get you there. And so, you know, maybe networking is not such a marketing trend, but I think it it falls in there. So I'd say, Yeah, I'd say clubhouse, I'd say that real time content, really get behind the scenes, get real with your own audience get vulnerable with your audience. I know that scary, but do it. And then, you know, networking, making connections, working collaboration into the mix, those are the three things that I'm like, preaching to my clients right now, like you want to jump on this, this is where it's going, this is the direction that you're going to want to be putting your business in, if you're gonna stay relevant, if you're gonna, you know, keep getting your audience in the door and interested in what you're doing. Absolutely. So I have a really weird question for you that you may or may not have the answer to. But it's just something I've been observing. I don't know if you've noticed, but it seems like Facebook is not prioritizing live streams anymore. They're not coming up in the feed as much like if I do a live every week for my lounge members, and they're like, I don't see them or I'm not getting the notification. Why do you think Have you noticed that same trend and why do you think the live aspect is being a little bit suppressed? And do you think there's something new that may be coming in its place? I feel like I'm maybe I'm a little biased on this. So I don't know. I'm probably not going to give you the answer you want in my opinion. For me personally. I just feel like people are getting tired of Facebook, and even Facebook. And I still I still have those Facebook groups that I love. Michelle, I'm in your group. I love your group. Yeah, of course, there are certain Facebook groups, where I'm kind of, I'm clicking on the app, like, just for those groups, you know, like, just hang on to those groups. Yeah, but I think people, you know, I think Facebook has become, I don't want to say outdated. I don't want to say like a dinosaur, because it's not. But I think we've kind of seen an influx of Facebook become something more than just social media than just a way to connect us, right? It's something more than that. It's been, you know, used in different directions than just to be social. Yes. And because of that, I think a lot of people now look at Facebook that way, and don't look at, okay, this is still a great place to connect with my friends, this is still a great place to connect with my audience. And that's not to say everybody thinks about it that way. But there are a lot of people that do. Yeah, because there are so many other platforms out there, that do still feel very social, they do still feel very connected. I think people have opted for a lot of those other platforms over Facebook. And yeah, I feel like Facebook just keeps. And that's not to say Facebook doesn't still have millions of users, right? Because they do, there are tons of people still using Facebook as it basements in your strategy. And it's working, keep going, like I'm not telling you to switch to something else. But I do feel like a lot of people are starting to kind of put Facebook on the back burner, take a backseat, you know, like they're focusing more on Tick Tock on Instagram and clubhouse on whatever. And because of that, I feel like you're seeing a little bit less engagement on lives, because people just aren't there. They're not actually on the platform to watch the live, right. They're not paying attention when you're live streaming. They're not, they're just going through later, and catching up on the replay of things on what they missed on those posts that that they didn't see earlier. Right. They're catching up on those couple of things that they came to the app for. And they're not on in real time. And so I feel like that's probably something the algorithm has noticed, right? These algorithms are smart. We hate to talk about the algorithm, because sometimes it bites us in the bite, right? But But these algorithms are smart, they're coded to be smart. And regardless of how you feel about an algorithm, it's paying attention, right. And so that's, you know, that's total speculation on my part, I don't know anything, specifically from Facebook about that. But just from what I've seen, what I've experienced what I know to be true of all of these platforms, that's kind of what I feel like, I feel like people are on Facebook, less in real time to engage with that content. And so maybe that that has something to do with why lives kind of aren't being pushed in the algorithm is much, why they're kind of taking a backseat to that stagnant posting. And why I think this is this is why it's so important to ask these questions and play and make sure that you kind of have a little bit of like a backup strategy, like, you know, if you've totally rely on a Facebook group and going live, what happens if Facebook's gone tomorrow? Did you move those people somewhere else? Do you have a backup plan? And for some people, that would be well, you know, my people know, I'm on Instagram, I'm gonna go do these lives on Instagram for somebody? Well, I got them in the Facebook group, and I got them on my email list when I did that. So I can email them and we can move somewhere else. It's cool. So as long as you've got that backup plan, you're good to go. But you've got to think and that goes for any platform, you've got to think about that backup plan with any platform. Because we don't own these, you don't own those followers. That's why it's so important to cultivate those relationships with them and get them on to something else, something that you do on or something that you do know will be there when you need them if these platforms all crashed and burned tomorrow. It's so true. And I think it's interesting that so many course creators, membership creators, program creators are moving their groups instead of having a Facebook group and I still have a Facebook group for the visibility launch, but they're moving them to like slack or discord or platforms like that, that are a little bit more dependable and not really a social media platform. So I think it's really interesting. What we're seeing happening and I think there's gonna be some big changes this year. I don't know what they're going to be but I just have a feeling that they're common. So I'm just like, you know, putting on my swimsuit, grab my surfboard, like I'm ready for the ride, right? But I think that and see that's the cool thing about you is you're adaptable, right? And that's what makes a great entrepreneur is you're looking forward and you're going, Okay, you know what, I have this Facebook group, it's working for me, I love it. Like, it's great. Everybody loves it that's in it. And it's working. But intuitively, I know something is coming. And I know that I have to be ready. And so I'm already asking the questions. I'm already thinking about, okay, what do I do? If this goes under? How do I take these people, get them somewhere else quickly, efficiently in a way that's not going to be a headache for them? How do I do that? You're already thinking forward on that. And that right there is what makes people successful in their business, on social media, in their marketing, because you've got to be thinking forward. And so you can't just constantly look at Oh, well, this person created a Facebook group 10 years ago, and they've grown it by 100,000 people, I'm gonna go make a Facebook group. Again, they created it 10 years ago, like slow down, ask yourself is a smart strategy. Right now, this year for what's coming, you got to look ahead, that's all marketing is, is looking ahead at what's coming. And then looking at your client and saying, How do I solve their problem. And when you can connect those two things, you have a marketing strategy. So that's all you've got to do to be a good marketer for your business. And you've got to pay attention specifically to your clients, and specifically to the avenues in which you're getting clients. What are they doing? How are they changing? speculate? What do I think this is going to do? And sometimes you'll be wrong. But if you're paying attention, if you're asking these questions, if you're getting a lot of opinions, sometimes you'll be right. And you'll be ahead of the curve and ahead of the game, and ready to move those people where you need to move them, or change and adapt your strategy a little bit as needed. And that's what's gonna keep you relevant when some other people go under because they didn't plan for those things. They didn't pay attention. Exactly. I think you should just have at the top of your press page, I talk in sound bites, because I'm sitting here trying to go What am I going to tell my VA to pull out from this conversation? Oh, my gosh. sound bites? bites my beer. I love it. Well, I would love for the audience to be able to come over to your sphere and I would really love for them to get that clubhouse freebie. So will you share that link and let them know what that is? Absolutely, yes, I do have the clubhouse blueprint. It is just a free guide that helps you not only get on clubhouse, but figure out how to actually use that strategy, how to really get started with hosting your own rooms and all of those things. So check that out. It is Hayley slash c h blueprint. So ch blueprint, you can head over there. It's totally free. And it'll give you some other information about a clubhouse course I have coming and all of that. But it is a free guide that hundreds of people have already downloaded and said was really helpful. So I'm super excited about that. I've been sharing it in any room that I'm in because I think that you are the authority in this which I think is fantastic. Y'all I've brought her into the lounge. She's in a customer segment for us on clubhouse help people jump into that platform, so she knows her stuff. So if you have loved this episode, do me a favor, look down at your phone, take a screenshot, upload it to your Instagram stories and tag both of us visibility vixen and Haley lukka do so that we can see that you watched we'd love to know what little gems and rhinestones you've taken out of this episode. And I think, if nothing else, walk away with the ability to pivot to analyze to look at things without a ton of emotion so that you can move quickly. Be authentic on these platforms show behind the scenes experiment, try things and just because you downloaded something for $7 it tells you to do something one way doesn't mean that it is the right way. So don't be afraid to do something differently. Haley, I appreciate you. I am honored to have you as one of my entrepreneurial friends. And I think that you are a very authentic soul and a kind heart. So thank you for coming onto the show today and sharing with our audience. And I can't wait to see what people have taken away from this episode. Thank you, you know, I adore you. I'm here for your audience. Anytime. Thank you so much for having me, girl. Wonderful. So stay tuned. And next week we have a solo episode coming. I excited what has been happening. Now we're all about building a tribe. Here's the physical entrepreneur, so be sure to subscribe, leave a five star review and then head on over to the Facebook group. It's a great place where you can practice your video, live stream and really enjoy the community that we have built. In the meantime, I'll see you in the next episode. Now get out there and get more visible.