405 | Hacking My Facebook Ads Strategy To My Low Ticket Offer w/ Amy Crane | The Visible Entrepreneur

May 04, 2021 Michelle Lewis - Visibility Vixen® Season 4 Episode 5
405 | Hacking My Facebook Ads Strategy To My Low Ticket Offer w/ Amy Crane | The Visible Entrepreneur
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Have you tried Facebook Ads yet? If you haven't or have but didn't get the results you wanted, tune in for this week's episode with Amy Crane, my Facebook Ads strategist!

We chat about

  • Getting started on Facebook Ads
  • Funnels
  • Low-ticket offers + their appeal
  • + much more!

Get ready to change your ads game!

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hey welcome back to the visible entrepreneur i as you know in the past year i've changed a lot when it comes to my business i've finally gotten to a place where i've been able to invest in paid ads i waited a long time i know a lot of people just jump in charged on credit cards i didn't want to do that chances are you don't want to either so i waited until i built my affiliate funnel to generate enough income to pay for my paid ad spend and management if you want to hear more about this strategy tune in season three there's an episode there where i talk specifically about how to build your affiliate funnel so what i wanted to do today was bring in amy crane i have spent the last year investing in every single facebook ads course membership on the planet literally there's like 25 of them that i have gone through and tried to learn and until i got to amy's membership i felt really lost and really confused so when i finally went into amy's eye which was called amplify i went in there and look through and i thought this makes a lot of sense and i knew that i could trust her with my ad strategy so i'm bringing her on the show today we're going to talk about the strategy that we're using with me we're not six months down the road we're at month two so this is a great time for you to learn how to be more strategic with your ads if you're running them yourself or possibly understand what you should be looking for when you're hiring a facebook ads expert so enjoy this interview with amy i think she is just absolutely incredible and i think that you'll really enjoy it so amy welcome to the show i'm so happy to have you here and to bring the audience a facebook ads expert that's actually working with me and to feature those low cost offers in the funnel so it's gonna be a really fun conversation welcome to the show and why don't you give the audience a little bit of your background yeah thank you so much for having me it's so exciting to be here so i'm amy i manage social marketing and we are a facebook ad agency we work specifically with course creators digital content creators coaches so basically anyone that's selling products courses and services online which has really been a fun niche to be in and to work with and we work a lot with female entrepreneurs which is also a lot of fun we do we will not we do you do obviously but i had a great time i actually went through as you guys know i've been searching high and low for the right facebook ads program i've probably taken about 10 of them and i finally came into amy's membership amplify and was looking through her videos and tutorials and what i liked about her is that it wasn't a one size fits all situation and so many people tell you inside of your membership and courses to just stick to your one thing and for me i just have no capability of doing that the lounge talks about every single thing and people either love it or hate it and what i liked about amy is that her membership was like okay here's something for slo offers here's something for webinars here's something for this and so it was very much like let's figure out what's going to work for you was that strategic amy yeah cuz i think yeah i think with facebook ads there's this feeling that there's like a magic formula that you need to discover and then all of a sudden you're going to make six figures overnight with your facebook ads and so i think that can be overwhelming i also feel like a lot of people try to fit their business in this box or in this formula that may not feel in alignment with their business and so the approach that i like to take with facebook ads is that really it's about what's working in your business right now like what are those things that are already working in your business and how can you use facebook ads to amplify that so if you don't want to do an evergreen webinar or live webinars because that doesn't feel exciting or that just doesn't feel like the right mood you don't have to do that there's so many different ways you can run facebook ads so whatever feels right for you chances are there's a way you can use ads to reach more people so it's not so much about a magic formula it's about this is what's working in my business and how can i incorporate facebook ads just to get it out to a bigger audience because the truth is like challenges were webinars were evergreen webinars work but they work differently for every type of business so it's really what feels like the best fit for you absolutely so i want to give the audience just a little bit of a progression of the point i got to before we jumped on our call you guys i interviewed 10 people before talking to amy and i signed on with amy i think the next day so just goes to show yet that she really stood out to me so i started the sales for the podcast pitch kid almost 10 months ago i think eight months ago i think it was last august september i did organic for quite a while making sure that it was selling and what that really helped me do was front end my funnel or front load my funnel so i had the podcast pitch kit i had the podcast weekly upsell then the second upsell into the visibility lounge and what i noticed is that my monthly revenue immediately went up you know substantially just because i had those low cost offers in place and then it actually led me which i've been wanting to do for over two years raise the price of my membership up to 97 a month so when i had that verified then i started driving pins to it on pinterest and getting those click throughs and seeing that those sales were going really well and we are going to bring in my pinterest person laura reich in a future episode so stay tuned and then when i knew okay this works my customers are happy people are coming in every month that's when i knew i wanted to go into facebook ads and that's when i got on a call with amy the other reason why i really liked amy is because i knew some of the clients she'd been working with and i'd seen what it had done for their businesses so amy let's transition the conversation into those low ticket offers and i'd love to hear the clients that you've been able to work with in the success you've helped them get to and then let's break down what we're doing with my ad strategy yeah so actually i love the approach that you take because i think it's so important a lot of people kind of want to jump into facebook ads sometimes before they're ready and i always tell people a great ad campaign always starts with the offer so if your offer free or paid if it's not something that people are really excited about running facebook ads isn't going to help so it's not going to solve a sales problem so if you're a low ticket funnels and selling right now you do not need to run facebook ads right so test it out make sure that it's a viable offer it's something that people really want once you know that then you can start to invest in facebook ads as a way to get it to reach more people so you know these low ticket funnels they're a lot of fun to work with and think that it's a great way to build a list and build a community of people that are buying your products and also it's a really cool way to introduce people to the way you teach to your content so that maybe as they go through your funnel they might invest in signing up to work with you in a higher level so whether that's signing up for a membership or joining a group program are a coaching program so i think it's a really cool way to kind of ease some of those concerns or questions that people might have making those big investments because they really get to have a preview into what it's like working with you before they have to make that big commitment well that's a really good point i think that the mistake i made in the past is it was like jumping into facebook ads and hoping that it would populate these different things and not having that clear strategy so the difference here was i had that one thing so it wasn't me trying to drive sales to the lounge because there's you know so many memberships out there it was me being going okay what's the one thing that i can give someone a win and deciding to go straight to sale which i think is nerve racking for a lot of people so if you have a coaching program a membership program one on one services whatever it may be it may be time to think about having a low cost offer that just gives him that one tasty takeaway and being able to then build your email list with buyers who are more likely to ascend up your funnel and buy from you more is that the bit of the trend that you've been seeing amy and how has that been working for the people who have adjusted their funnels to be an immediate buy in yeah i mean i think it's it's really interesting to see because i think sometimes people think well low ticket those people aren't going to go on to invest which is not what we're seeing we're seeing people move through these funnels and they're going on to buy higher ticket items so you know the problem is that if you were just going to run answer to your membership like you said most people aren't going to buy a membership from a facebook ad right or they're not going to buy a coaching program straight from an ad especially if they don't know you right now if it's someone in your audience sure they might they might buy but running ads to something like that to a cold audience isn't the best strategy so this is kind of that nice middle ground where you can run ads to it it's a quick easy yes for most people to buy i mean i bought so many like my files like i don't even know how many i've got at this point but i love them because they're quick they're easy it's something i can take and usually they're easy to implement so it's a it's an easy win right and then i always say like if someone saves you time or money like usually you're going to love that person for like right i get your for your low ticket offer and like oh my god these templates are amazing i'm going to pay attention to what those next steps are so i think it's a really cool way To introduce people to your offers. And also like on the Facebook ads, I've been really effective as far as getting people into your audience. Absolutely. When you're a perfect example, I think I bought one of your courses for like, I don't know, it was like $17 or something and then became a member of your membership. And now I'm doing your done for you services. Katia, BB ANOVA, who helped me strategize my podcast pitch get she's coming in the show later this season, and I bought her viral content templates, and then her membership for her viral I don't know what it's called, I think it's called viral content, and then up sold into her 20k Nation mastermind. So it is proof that at least for me, it works great, it's helped me grow my business. So I'm hoping that for all of you listening, that this is starting to get your wheels turning, it definitely isn't as stressful as it sounds. And what I loved was being able to, this is probably the most empowered I've ever felt coming on a call with Facebook ads strategists of being able to say I know exactly what I want to do. And I think this is going to work. And I think that's made me made me as the business owner, a better collaborator, and especially talking to like Julian on your team and saying, like, Okay, what can I do? Do we want to move into videos? What can I record? Like? How can I support you so that you can do, you can feel strengthened and empowered when you're running my ads? So let's move into my ad strategy. I'd love for you to showcase kind of what your thoughts were and what we've been doing, and some of the results we've been seeing. Yeah, so, you know, just to kind of circle back, I do think when you're working with an ads manager, like it is so important for it to be collaborative, right? Because, really, we're there to support you to help get your offers out into the world. But, you know, we can have feedback that can make your funnels more effective. And the same thing like you were connecting with your audience, and you just know things about your audience. So it really should be a collaboration, I think between the two, right? Yeah, so your funnel, so we've got a low ticket funnel, right. So pretty standard low ticket funnel, you've got your podcast pitch kid, and then you've got your upsell, and then you go into your membership. So I also think this is a cool thing, as a lot of people don't realize, I think a lot of people that have memberships, they think that it's got to be like that one time offer like an actual course, but it actually works really well. With memberships, I do the same thing with my membership. So that's just kind of a side note. But I think that's a lot of fun to play with. So a couple things that I think people when we're doing these funnels is that, you know, you had an offer that was proven that was tested, that you knew converts into now we can put that ad piece together, the whole goal is that this is a way to build a list of buyers, right. So a lot of people, you know, you're gonna see a return, you want to be profitable. But in the beginning, you're doing a lot of testing. So you've got to test audiences, we've got to test creative with the goal of getting it dialed in to some of your best performing audiences. And that's kind of where we are right now. We've been testing creative attesting audiences, and really getting it dialed down to see where our best cost per sale is. And then also, we're we're seeing the highest return on investment. So where are people actually going through and buying those upsells and order bumps. So because I think we're coming up on like 30 days, or in this first 30 days wiki that we've been running your Facebook ads. And so far, cost per sale, I think looks really good. We're getting some buyers, we're getting some people buying and going through the funnel, which is really exciting to see. And I think that once you can prove that you're seeing sales, you know what a consistent cost per sale is. That's when you can start spending more on Facebook ads. So really kind of testing and seeing what's working. And then taking those numbers and starting to spend more where things are working? Absolutely. What I think was great is especially like I was able to look at the report so far, we're not technically at the exact 30 days, but we are getting really close is that we've tested about eight different audiences. And what has been working the best has been the look alike audiences, which I thought was really interesting. And that like all the other audiences were getting a higher cost per result. And then it like, it wasn't even half. I mean, it came down by how much is that it went from like the highest being $184 down to 39. So that was pretty shocking to me. I thought that was really amazing. which just goes to show how important testing is. And so now that we've figured out what what audience is working the best, now we're raising the ad budget so that we can put more and more money behind that. So me I would love to hear an example with your clients kind of what you've been seeing, especially with the low ticket offers and what kind of results they've been able to see after working with you for a few months. Yeah, so the interesting thing with these funnels is that i think they're like a really cool place and a great place for people to kind of start their funnel but what's really been interesting is to see how clients are finding new ways like as people are moving through their funnels and they're adding on these higher ticket items that people are going on to buy so you know some people will start their low ticket funnel and initially they make you know see like a $2 $3 return on their ad spend and just stuff is kind of that initial funnel but then as they're adding on these higher ticket items on the back end to promote to these new leads this new list of buyers sometimes they're seeing an even bigger return so it could be five or 10 times return but the thing is you've got this list of people that you can keep promoting to so this is really just that initial step right and i think it's important for people to look at is like this is just the first step right now these people are on your list they are in your world they have bought things from you and so that value of that list is only going to continue to grow so it's really been exciting you know we can do some of these ad reports and say you had a 10 times return on your ad spend this month and it all started from this funnel so it's been a lot of fun to play around with and see and even in my own funnel like you were just saying you came through i didn't really think we would get one on one clients from it i thought it would be more of a way to fill in like the membership but it's really been interesting to see that people are actually coming from our low ticket funnel buying our bundle moving to the membership and then actually come down as one on one client so that was something i didn't really anticipate i just thought they'll get to the membership and i'll be really happy with that so it's been really fun to see that too just in my own business absolutely well i think for me i had to go through everything not everyone has this personality type but for me i had to go through everything and to be honest no that you knew what you were talking about because there's some people out there that don't or that really like what i was told a lot on discovery calls was well you we really need to go directly to like $1,000 course and i said well that's great but that's not my business model and it's kind of an easier thing for you because you know one sale would equal $1,000 and you'd be able to prove that you know you know what you're doing or whatever but for me this was the funnel that was going to work and so i appreciated that you did highlight that strategy in your membership and then when we were on our call there was no hesitation it wasn't like no like let's do this you worked with what i had which i think is so important so audience members people listening if you're thinking like hey maybe this is something i want to incorporate i think we should cover like this is what you should do and this is what you shouldn't do so i'm going to kick it off with what you should do to have a little bit of insurance which helps you with your ad spend is not only have your low cost products but also have an immediate upsell that will help you with your ad spend so for me i have the podcast pitch kit is $27 the upsell is podcast weekly which is a one time purchase of 97 so if i have about 20 to 40% of people who get that upsell you can see how quickly we are making back that adspend depending on how many people buy amy do you agree with that and do you have any other must dues when you're starting running ads to your low ticket offer i think the big thing i mean i think those upsells and order bonuses are such an important part of these funnels because you're not going to get rich or be profitable off of the 27 $37 offer right so it's really really important that not only does that initial offer sell but then you also have that added word of value so that's where you can start to see some return on your adspend absolutely i think that that is so important i think the second thing to have in place is understanding how you can replicate your pages so that they have a specific funnel that your campaign manager or yourself if you're going to be running your own ads can drive traffic to that way it's going to be very pixel specific and you're not confusing your ad traffic with your organic traffic that's what was really fun for me as i was able to replicate my funnel have all the unique links and give it to amy and jillian and say like here you go put in the code wherever you want and you know that way they can track especially using kajabi just to make sure the reporting is on par they can then go into offers go into the specific offers that say facebook on them and verify that those purchases were made so from a back end perspective i think it's important that either you or a member of your team understands how that works because it's going to make your campaign managers life a lot easier do you agree with that amy yeah and numbers like being able to track in numbers are so important we've got a lot of changes going on with facebook right now and tracking so you know having those separate funnels and really being able to follow like and compare yourself facebook traffic to organic traffic because it's different right you know organic traffic it's usually a warmer audience they know you their referrals so typically made by fast or sometimes cold traffic maybe they need to get to know you a little bit longer so it's always kind of interesting to see how it compares it also just so you can clearly see if your ads are working or not you know facebook ads reporting tools amazing and i know we're going to have some new features rolling out soon that's going to help with this reporting and some of them are in beta now but it's so important to know your numbers because otherwise if you're just throwing money at facebook ads like you want to make sure that it's converting you want to make sure that whatever that goal is that you're optimizing for that you're reaching it because if not you need to make those tweaks and adjustments so you're not just you know throw money at facebook ads and hoping that it works absolutely i think that's what so much of us do especially in the beginning of our business and we hear like oh get in ads and so we try and we fail and we get frustrated we never touch it again i had such an aversion to as people like okay let's go on the dashboard together i'm like i can't sleep i physically cannot i think a lot of us struggle with that i think the other thing which is kind of a do and do not is your are your graphics and what really impressed me in the pitch package that amy sent over where the graphics that she created for her clients and when i was sent over the first designs it was so exciting because to have someone else that can design better than you when you're used to doing all the things for your business was such a relief and i felt really really good about them putting me out there and felt like okay these ads they have the color psychology they have the images like this is going to work really well and i've been really impressed with those results so i think the do is to have really strong graphics or hire an agency that specializes in that like that's a shining point where they're not like just do this one thing they have a bunch of different varieties to test and like now i was telling julian let's increase the ad spend this month and do you think that i need to be doing anything else which is like okay take a screen flow of your product and we're gonna make a little thing for a separate ad like that's what i love is that it's that collaborative thing and it's visually really appealing so i think that's an important part of it and amy i just have to tell you i've been really impressed with that side of your agency that makes me so happy i always love getting creative back and looking at it because i mean if you're going to spend money on ads and your creative needs to be on point and your image and your video that's what gets people to stop scrolling so that's really the first thing they see so anytime i see a cool how it was and then you're gonna read the copy but if it's boring people are gonna keep scrolling or if it doesn't communicate your brand or if it doesn't look professional or if it just doesn't look like it's designed well i mean you're spending money on an ad that no one's clicking on so like your design is really really important and so i'm very grateful for graphic designers because i'm not i'm like in canva making a mess of things and that shows like hire the people that can do it better than you and hence this conversation which i love if you want to take a look at those creatives i will take some screenshots and put them below so if you are listening on like stitcher or apple then just head on over to visibility vixens comm forward slash blog and you can just put amy in the search bar and this episode will come up so that you can check those out but in the meantime closing statements about facebook ads amy for the entrepreneur that wants to get more exposure wants to build their audience but is feeling a little frustrated maybe a little discouraged what would you say to them i always say with facebook ads it's okay to start small you do not have to start with the massive budget testing a million different things so it is okay to start with one thing with a small budget test it see if it works see if that offer resonates with your audience you can always add on you can always spend more but you really want to make sure your offers convert before you start throwing a bunch of money at facebook ads so it's totally fine to start small don't feel like you know you got to come out of the gate spending 1000s of dollars to get return on your facebook ads it's more about your offer it's more about your creative those are the most important pieces and getting them in front of the right people absolutely and for listeners that want to find you and connect with you where can i do that so you can head over to social lab marketing comm we've got lots of goodies there you can grab some of our free ad templates so you can kind of get a feel for some of our favorite ads and what works in the newsfeed so yeah social marketing calm all the goodies are there fantastic and as a reminder we would love for you to screenshot this episode on your phone and share it with us on instagram stories you can tag myself in visibility vixen and amy i'm assuming it's either social lab marketing or amy crane that social marketing kevin tastic let us know what you appreciated about this episode and if you have Any questions? We are here to give you feedback and support in the meantime, Amy, thanks for coming on today. I've had a blast talking with you. I love being transparent with listeners and saying exactly what I'm doing and I really appreciate you taking the time to come and share with them exactly what we're doing with my ads. I appreciate you I appreciate your energy and time that you've put into showcasing my business. And I'm so excited for my listeners to connect with you further so that maybe they can do it with theirs. My gosh, thank you so much for having me. This was so much fun and for letting me talk about your book. Yeah, girl. I am always about it. So everyone have a great rest of your day. If you want to dive into Facebook ads connect with Amy and in the meantime, I will see you in the next episode.