402 | 5 Ways To Inject Press Into Your Daily Social Media Plan | The Visible Entrepreneur

April 12, 2021 Michelle Lewis - Visibility Vixen® Season 4 Episode 2
402 | 5 Ways To Inject Press Into Your Daily Social Media Plan | The Visible Entrepreneur
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Let's dive into press, + specifically, incorporating it into your social media plan. My goal is to help you find a simple strategy that can work wonders! 

In this podcast,  we'll cover

  • Congruency + color in social media
  • Link tools (Sociatap) 
  • Scheduling software (Socialbee)
  • Social platforms (Clubhouse)
  • Publicity secrets (HARO)

P.S. Wondering what the best brand color to attract your ideal client is? Take the COLOR QUIZ here!

P.P.S. Want to use your brand color to  become instantly seen as an expert in your niche? Take the COLOR MASTERCLASS here!

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the visible entrepreneur podcast. I'm so happy you're here. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode. I know you've got a lot going on busy schedule, building the business, probably dealing with family, and just all the things. So I appreciate your time and attention. Thank you, and I promise you, it will be worth it. So today, we're gonna be talking about five ways to inject Press into your daily social media plan. I've got a couple of cool tips here things that I have been implementing over the past year encouraging my clients to implement and stuff that can be manageable because that's the biggest complaint with publicity. How can I make it manageable, it feels stressful, it feels like something that just is overwhelming, and I totally get it. So just know that I understand the problem. And I am here to help you find a relatively simple solution. So if you have a friend who is seeking more publicity press PR in their business, please share this episode with them. And before we dive in, I would love if you took a screenshot of this episode on your phone and shouted me out on Instagram stories you can tag me at visibility vixen, share with a friend because we all love those strategies that teach us PR and if you have not taken the visibility in video training series, I highly recommend doing that you can grab that at visibility vixens comm forward slash plan that is going to help you through a four part video training series understands all the building blocks of visibility and publicity and what to do when crucial stuff. I give away everything I know I want everyone to get more visibility and publicity in their businesses. So when it comes to injecting Press into your social media, the first thing I want you to look at in your social media is is their congruency in is their color. It's so important I am moderating in clubhouse rooms every single day and talking about color psychology because it isn't talked about enough. And that's the basic building blocks of where I start with every student. Every client is okay. I look at their website, look at their social media and I look at their press page, because these are the three things that publicists, editors hosts Booker's are also going to look at. So the first thing we want to do before we move forward in any way, shape, or form is analyzed. Am I using color psychology strategically in my brand, if you're not, it's time to take the color quiz, it's time to take the color glass, and start putting that into all of those places. Because here's what happens. Let's say you're up for a segment on a TV show, or you know Huffington Post or something like that. Usually what happens, they go to your website, first, they scroll through it, then they go to usually your Instagram or your Facebook or your LinkedIn. And they scroll through that. So they are going to be looking through your feed and seeing if you truly are the expert in this area. And a great way to subconsciously do that is to put in your color psychology. I know it sounds crazy, but it works. So if you have those colors, very clear on your feed on your website, on your press page, people feel that cohesion, and they relax and they trust. So we want to make sure to do that. So go through your social media, figure out what is my primary signature color, and why you should be able to say exactly why you chose that color. So if that's a little bit of a weak area, no worries, hop on over to visibility forward slash color quiz. You can take the quiz, figure out what my recommendations are. And start putting that into your strategy. Start taking some photos wearing the color, there's no reason that you should be wearing black or gray or white, necessarily, in your profile pictures, it should be in your signature brain color, we want to give that message. So that's the first thing is to look through and make sure that there's cohesion and color throughout your social media, your website and your press page. Okay, number two, something that I found I used to use link tree but now I use social tap s OC i a tip I find that it gives such a beautiful way to present yourself and then of course the links that we all want to be able to showcase. So if you are watching this on video, I'm going to show you what this looks like. It gives you a nice room for a headshot, your social media links and then a couple calls to action. It's a little blurred out now just because of the sun. But it does give you a really beautiful way to display your information. And I think that it makes a big difference. So for me, I have my socials I have my site all of those are clickable so technically you have like more than you could with link tree. Then I have a call to action for the podcast. And here we go book me for your feature. This goes directly to my press page. So on your social media, there's no reason to not have this available, where people can click over and immediately see who you are and why they should book you, because it's going to apply again to podcasts and summits and stages and publications, but also like guest interviews, clubhouse mods, all that kind of stuff. So I've guessed on people's memberships because of this or you know, in their courses, or collaborative where they want to be affiliates for my products. So I think that it's a really good thing to do. To use something like social tap that will give you this ability on your social media channels, to give people options of how they can connect with you and lead them directly to your press page. So if you're using link tree, and you want some a little fresher, if you haven't used anything at all, or you may be used something on your website, totally fine, just make sure that you have a call to action to get people over to that beautiful press page. And if you're going Michelle, I really want to build my press page, but I'm not sure how or what to include on it. Don't worry about it actually have a template that you can one click Download into either kajabi or WordPress. So just send me a message over on Instagram and say, Michelle, I really want the press page template. And I will send that link over to you it's like 97 bucks, easy peasy. And you can be done with it in an hour. So yes, okay, we have talked about the color psychology and cohesion on your profiles, press page and website we have talked about using a resource like social tab. The next one I'm going to tell you about is a way that you can cycle your appearances utilizing an automatic posting software like Meet Edgar gram, or what I use personally, socially. So what I decided to do about a year ago, is start accumulating all of my press appearances into one giant bucket. So I literally call it appearances. It's nothing fancy, but that's where my podcast stages summit's publications, I put the links, I put the graphics, if it's for a publication, I design the graphic, and I upload them. That way, you don't have to think about it. And then once a week, it can roll out to my social media channels. Remember, a lot of your press appearances will actually come from your friends. So it's a great way to have people seeing on your social media channels where you're being featured to bring that visibility. And then usually word of mouth spreads. And they'll either tag you in an opportunity or forward you to someone they know that things that you might be a good person for them to invest in, the opportunities are really endless. And I found a huge change when I started really putting a priority where once a week I'm sharing those appearances. And also if you have a guest contributor ship to a column, like Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post's thrive global elephant journal TechCrunch, whatever it may be, it is a great way for you to say like, Hey, I have a new article that came out, go over here and give it a read. So creating that specific content category for your appearance, shout outs for your social media can be a really great way to inject Press into your weekly social media routine. And it's hands free, right it posts for you. It's amazing, right? Okay, so we have talked about three of the five, I hope that you have been learning writing down some notes, I would love to know what your biggest takeaway is. So be sure to let me know. The next thing we're going to talk about is a very popular new platform. I don't know if you can really call it a social media platform, but it is definitely a connection and audio platform. And that is clubhouse. It took me forever to get into clubhouse. And I was to be honest, I was hoping like, oh, maybe this will fizzle out, right? No, it hasn't. I finally got access back to my Apple ID which is a long story and was able to get clubhouse on my phone and started observing the trends participating in a lot of rooms, hosting rooms, being a co modern rooms and I went Holy smokes like this. This is going to be the new thing. And what's interesting is that with clubhouse and tik tok, you can grow your audience there. But primarily they drive traffic to your other social media channels. So I know what you're thinking, Michelle, I'm exhausted. I don't have time to do this. But I actually just booked a feature with the LA Tribune just from being in a clubhouse room and giving my pitch. So talk about ways that you can get publicity. Getting voice to voice with people you normally don't have access to clubhouse is huge. So you have to make this manageable. And if you're going okay, how do I get started with clubhouse right now it's just available to Apple, but I have heard in the next coming months, it will also be available for Android it is an app on your phone. When you log in, you're able to follow people you're able to invite people to the platform. And when you log in, you're gonna see all these different rooms that are open that you can jump into and if you connect with friends especially on instagram and facebook you can actually sign up to be a moderator for example i jump into haley ladoos rooms all the time caccia bb anova and my friend lauren salon i'm going to be jumping in tomorrow so i like to jump in and cohmad because then i don't have a ton of pressure to host rooms myself even though we do have a club room if you're interested called the publicity place it's a blast we are growing daily and we do do weekly rooms in there but it is a way for you to get on these stages with a shared audience and to grow your following so i was in a room yesterday called social media mavens doing a ko mod and my followers on clubhouse jumps by 100 in that session in an hour and then on instagram my following grew by 50 so it shows you that with and people were like why don't want to sit there for an hour well if 30 minutes to an hour brings you 150 followers i don't know how else you could do that right we've all noticed on instagram hashtags are struggling they really are they're having a hard time they're not bringing in the audience that they used to so we have to always be adaptable to different ways of growing our audience and i have found clubhouse to be a great way to not only grow your audience but grow your publicity opportunities and in this world where we haven't quite fully opened back up yet so it's harder to travel and do like in person events and stages this is a way where you can get on a stage from your home in your sweat pants so i think that this is something that cannot be discounted and if you do follow the right rooms and get aggressive in terms of requesting to modern different places connecting with people you already know this can be a great way to up your appearances up your social media following and book some publicity so i think that that is a really really powerful thing so we have talked about point one which was cohesion and color with your social feed press page and website we've talked about point two which was so should have adjusting that link so that you can really showcase your press page and appearances we have talked about your appearance shout outs building that content category of where you have guest id and posting it to social media and we just talked about clubhouse so the fifth tip this is not going to be exactly about social media so i'm cheating just a little bit and my apologies but i felt i felt really led to tell you if you didn't already know about herro or you have not been consistent so you've signed up for their emails but you're just not posting i try to make a priority of you know they send you the emails am and pm at least looking through submitting to one thing a day so i'm going to sneak that in there not as a social media strategy but of course you can always then go and follow the reporter on social media which is a great way to engage but hey let me back up hero what does it stand for help a reporter out you can go to that website and sign up for their updates and select the category that your business falls under and get daily updates of people looking to feature people for their columns articles podcasts events whatever it may be so this is a really great resource that if you want to stay up to date and get these appearances rolling out so that you can populate your appearances category this is a great feature for me in the morning i'm on my phone while i'm posting on instagram and doing all the things and maybe modding a room i look through that email i select at least one that i submit to really quick on my phone then i'm done if i want to hop over instagram give that person a follow i do that but then it is done so that is what i have to say for today's show i wanted you to feel like you had some inspiration and ideas of what you could tweak in the coming months to see growth in your press appearances as well as your overall social media following i hope it's been helpful i hope it's giving you some strategy and that you're feeling a little bit energized i find that when i'm given a new idea that i think will impact any part of my business it gives me a little bit of energy so if you're feeling that energy please let me know hop on over to insta say hey i loved this tip the most i would love to hear it and i will definitely shout you out so that is what i have for today we're going to close out this episode tomorrow not tomorrow next week we'll be bringing in an amazing guest i'm excited for you to meet i think that you're absolutely going to love her her name is ellen yen she's going to talk about scaling to a million dollar business and we have a lot of great tips there so thank you if you have not subscribed the visible entrepreneur be sure to do so and if you want to connect with me you can do so on instagram and i will happily respond and help you strategize in the meantime thanks for being Carrot happy to have you happy to be rockin and rollin season four and appreciate you and your time go out there, make it a great day and implement some of these strategies so that you can up your visibility and publicity in 2021