What The COLOR OF THE YEAR means for you + your business!

January 10, 2023
What The COLOR OF THE YEAR means for you + your business!
Show Notes

Have you heard of Pantone? It is actually a company that helped us bring the concept of colors into a tangible, physical, predictable reality.

Alright, so now let's talk about Viva magenta. What is it? What on earth does it have to do with you? And how can this maybe be applicable to your life in business?

  • magenta is actually a combination of purple and red
  • it is a color that our mind invents
  • it is going into the future of AI
  • an incendiary color to really reflect what's going to be happening in the next year

Magenta is a KEY color in our language + communication. {Grab my book Color Secrets here!}

History of Magenta:

  • Magenta was named after the Battle of Magenta
  • Rock against Reagan - the first time being used in a political movement
  • T-Mobile - we are the uncarrier,  you can go against the grain,  we are starting a revolution

The color Magenta aligns people to a common movement. {Read more in the free Color Magazine subscription}

It's not just going to make you act in order to act, it's going to have you act on things that you really have been thinking on or wanting, or that can move you forward in your life.

Double-slit experiment by Thomas Young.

If we invent these colors, and then we can prove scientifically that we have a response to these colors, it's either one of two things: 

  • We're responding to what we've created or 
  • What we've created, aka magenta, talks back because it then creates a physical response in our bodies

Color is a communicative, ALIVE medium we've been given to communicate, appreciate + use in our daily lives.

If you're interested in using this psychology strategically in growing your business this year, I'd love to welcome you into my newest program that just started called Profitable Presence.