What To Do If You Hate Your Brand Color {and look even worse wearing it}...

March 14, 2022 Michelle Lewis - Visibility Vixen® Season 5 Episode 7
What To Do If You Hate Your Brand Color {and look even worse wearing it}...
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If you've gone through all of the necessary steps of picking a brand color... BUT YOU ABSOLUTELY HATE IT... don't worry! In this episode, we’re going to chat about how to fix the problem so you can get visible with your business NOW.

More specifically, we're discussing:

  • What to do if you hate your possible primary color choice
  • Focusing on your ideal client's primary emotional need
  • Adjusting the tone of the primary brand color
  • Making your primary color a secondary color in your brand photoshoot
  • Letting color psychology work for you
  • + more!

P.S. Find your perfect brand color in minutes. Take the FREE QUIZ here!

Welcome to the visible entrepreneur podcast season five. I'm your host, Michelle Lewis, founder of visibility vixen. I've spent years studying color psychology, branding, visibility and publicity, all geared to help you hit your goals faster than anyone else. I'm a TEDx speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author and have helped 1000s of entrepreneurs worldwide with their visual presence. This season, we're diving deep into color, why it's needed, how to use it in your branding, and how audiences subconsciously and physically react to it. My goal is to help you blow up your brand in the best way to attract your ideal audience, subconsciously, I run two programs, the color course and the visibility lounge. So if you're ready for growth, go to visibility To get started today, in the meantime, let's dive into today's episode. And if you think this is a topic that a business bestie or a friend of yours, or even a relative would love, do me a favor, forward it to them. And let's dive in to this episode. Hello, and welcome back to the visible entrepreneur. Today
we're gonna be talking about what to do if you hate your brand color. You may have gone through the color quiz, you may have gone through the color masterclass decided on the color that would be best for your ideal client, but are struggling because you hate it. And that's okay, so in today's episode, we're gonna talk about what to do if you're struggling with your brand color choice, if you look horrible in the color and how to resolve this so that you can still be attracting your ideal client, but not feeling gross when wearing that brand's color. So first, if you are not sure what I'm talking about, if you have not figured out the perfect brand color for you, based on your ideal clients biggest emotional need, then I highly recommend taking the color quiz, I think you'll enjoy it, it's a very, very quick break down and will give you a good insight into what your primary brand color should be. I've incorporated a lot of different strategies into this two minute quiz. And I think that you'll enjoy taking it. So if you need to look for that. It's visibility forward slash color quiz. Okay, so let's say you've gone through the material, and the one that I hear people struggling with the most is usually yellow, or orange. And they say, Michelle, this is what I tested for. But I just really don't resonate with this at all. I look terrible in the color, I just don't think that this is the right thing for me, what should I do? My response is the very, very first thing that you need to do is you need to spend time with that color. If we have a repulsion to a color, like I used to have to orange, it's usually because it's a color that our body needs. So this is where I'm going to be going into a little bit of color medicine. Usually, if we're repulsed by colors, because our body actually is deprived of that color. It's not absorbing enough of that light frequency to address whatever's going on in the body. So it's really important that you take some time with that color. Like for example, if it's orange, I've read studies where people actually, women wear it while they're having cramps, right. And it actually reduces the cramps. So orange can also be associated with use in color light therapy as a pain reliever. So it's just all of these interesting facets, and I can't go into every single one of them on the show, because we'd be here for days. But I want you to just spend some time with the color. If you want to get the color in a stone, which you can see behind me here. If you want to get it as a t shirt as a sweater as some pants, some shoes, if you want to just get a piece of artwork that has orange in it, I want you to have a little bit more time with a color around you to see how you feel. If you let's say, you know it's been winter. And so let's say you have not been in the sunlight and you took this quiz and you got a color like yellow or orange. And it's something that you really don't like, I want you to spend some more time in the sun, letting your body absorb some of those life frequencies, it's important to first figure out that your aversion to the color isn't because you actually need it. I've had people that have resisted me but decided to follow through instead and have used orange or yellow. And it turns out their audience is just in love with the color and it helps them sell out their programs. And then after a couple months, I'm like you know, Michelle, now I love the color like I can't believe this transformation happened. So I want you to take that into account. The next thing I want you to look at is do another deep dive with your ideal client and figure out okay, is this truly what their biggest emotional need is when they first see my brand? Maybe you thought that it was hope, but in reality it's motivation or balance or trauma or, you know, finding their true voice or feeling safe and comforted or wanting to feel inspired, really narrow down that key emotion and make sure that you've chosen the right one. That can be a big indicator as well, because sometimes it's what we think they need, but it's not truly what they need. So important to do a deep ideal client analysis to figure out if that is truly what they need, because that might change as well. All right, now let's get down to have all those check boxes are checked, you know, this is the right color, you know that this supports your ideal client the most, you've worn the color you've done, whatever, you're a little bit more coming around to it, but still not absolutely in love with it. What do you do? Well, remember, you are about 10% of the equation in your primary brands color. And what that 10% is, is in tonal color harmony, and what that means is the actual shade of the color. So now I want you to take some time going through all the different color families, and let's say it is orange, and figuring out what is the tone that you want, what is maybe it's a burnt orange, maybe it's more of an orange, orange, maybe it's more of a really warm, lighter orange, maybe it's more of an icy strong orange, start your start looking through all of these hex codes and figuring out what you truly want it to be what's a tone that resonates with you, because this is the aspect where it is all about you and your personality and your branding. If you need my eyes on your brand, I'm more than happy to take a look at your brand palette, drop it in the visible entrepreneur Facebook group so that we can strategize about it. But I have found time and time again, that people that go through this process. Even if it starts with a color they really don't like by the end of it, they really warm up to it. And there are different shades that sometimes can just really bring things around, for example, going into more of a coral family than a strong orange. Or if the color is blue, going into more of a teal family, there's so many things that you can do. So don't just close the door because you don't like the overall color put in the time and effort. Remembering that this is your business. This is your brand. And the goal is to attract as many people as possible who are perfect fit for what you offer, based on this color. At the end of the day, if someone keeps resisting keeps resisting, keep resisting, I have to say well read Donald Miller's story brand because as we know, you are not the hero of your brand, it is your ideal client. So at the end of the day, we have to do what's going to resonate most for them, and not necessarily us. But we can find the tones and shades that we can fall in love with. So we feel really strong and proud of our brands. Last but not least, what you also can do is that you can make this color, even though it's your primary, you can wear for your brand photoshoot and all those things, your secondary color. So that's something else that you can look into, if that maybe resonates a little bit more for you. But I hope this has been helpful. I hope that you are excited to move forward with your brand color. I know I'm excited to support you. If you want to do more in depth study on tonal color harmony, ideal client analysis, building your brand palette, integrating that into a photoshoot, your website, I would love for you to join us inside of the color course. This is where I put all the color psychology goodness. This is where you're going to find the perfect brand strategy for yourself and where you can relaunch or launch in the first place to your audience and start letting this color psychology work to bring you more conversions. So go ahead and go to visibility Vic's comm you'll see all the details there. In the meantime, it's so wonderful to chat with you about color today especially if it's one that maybe doesn't resonate the most with you. Please feel free to share this episode with a friend if you know they've been struggling in this department. And I will be seeing you might hear in the next episode.
I hope you love this episode as much as I did. Now we're all about building a tribe here is the visible entrepreneur, so be sure to subscribe, leave a five star review and then head on over to the Facebook group. It's a great place where you can practice your video live stream and really enjoy the community that we have built. In the meantime, I'll see you in the next episode. Now get out there and get more visible